Scoresheet FAQ

How do I download my scoresheet(s)?
Log into and click “My Info and Entries“. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the “Entries” section. On the right next to each of your entries in the “Actions” column you’ll see a download icon. Click that to download each entries’ scoresheets.

Which scoresheets are which in the PDF?
Prelims are first followed by Finals. You should find 2 to 4 scoresheets for prelims and 3 scoresheets for finals.

Why is the PDF so big?
The PDF contains 600dpi full color high resolution scans of the scoresheets to ensure that entrants can read all of the judges text (even if their handwriting is poor or in light pencil). This results in the PDFs being between 30MB and 90MB each.

I’m having trouble reading the PDF.
In your PDF viewer, zoom in, you’ll find that it’s a high resolution scan and is much easier to read if you zoom into the section that you want to read (instead of showing the entire page on your monitor).

I have a scan of the wrong entry in my PDF what should I do?
In case there was some mistake in the scanning process and you find an unexpected page in your PDF, please let us know so we can correct it.

How long will my scoresheet be available on the site to download?
Scoresheets will remain available to you until July 1 2017 after which point they’ll be taken down and will no longer be available. Please download and save or print out your scoresheets if you would like to retain them.

What is this domain name that the PDF is being served from? It’s not
Because of the size of the PDFs we had to host them from a different server than hence the different domain name of the link.

My question isn’t here, what should I do?
Let us know your question and we’ll get you an answer and update the FAQ